Monte Sante Marie is a favorite spot for ‘unusual’ people. The owners, Daniela and Stefano, are already known to be a little eccentric: she, editor, copywriter and bibliophile, he, journalist, traveler and farmer. Alongside you’ll find their two dogs, Spargapise (called ‘Sparga’ and the only known dog to purr like a cat!) and Mose’, a serious and timid white maremmano Shepard. And, last but not least, a slew of cats of various ages, natures and colors. The inner circle of Monte Sante Marie closes itself around it’s collaborators: Fernando ‘Armonici’, the wizard of restoration and the soul responsible for all that is antique; Azeglio, the very patient gardener and green thumb of the vegetable garden; Ernesto, the ‘old-fashioned’ huntsman; a crowd of women who are in charge of welcoming the guests, reservations, administration and supervision; and lastly, Luciana, Sandrino, Fabio, Enzo and a long line of excellent suppliers. In addition to those above, is a slew of famous and not so famous friends, public administrators, politicians, artists of all natures, television stars, poets and many other guests that… even after only one visit… have become friends who come to visit and give Monte Sante Marie it’s tranquil, interesting and fun atmosphere. They arrive with their stories, ideas and surround the dinner table (expertly laden by Daniela) with laughter.