The Estate, located in rolling hills where the river Ombrone forms a flatbed for its torrent, is 227 hectors in size. Principal cultivations include grains, sunflowers and eco-growth rotation plantings (such as poplar trees) but the land is also rich in forests and pastures. Since 1994, in accordance of the EEC Regulation 2078 for the reduction of the use of plant pharmaceuticals, the land has been entirely dedicated to biological agriculture. Included in this form of plantation are 9 hectares of olives and 1-_ hectares of natural truffle-ground. These two products are available to our visitors: Extra-virgin Olive Oil which has extraordinary organoleptic qualities and the precious white truffle of the Sienese Clay Area (Crete Senesi). The olive oil is produced exclusively from the Estate’s groves: it is the fruit of a combination of an excellent climactic positioning, obsessive curing and terrific productivity. The olives are handpicked and taken daily to the mill. The mill has a continuous cycle that guarantees superb processing which can be seen in analytical results: the acid level is below 0,15% and the peroxide level is below 8. In blind tasting in which Monte Sante Maria has participated, the result has never been lower than 8/10. Located in a poplar grove, the natural truffle ground is the fruit of a careful and delicate operation of recovery, improvement and reforestation of a ground that has always produced white truffles spontaneously. Eight years after its recovery, in 2000, we were able to have our first ‘true’ truffle harvest which is exclusive and property of the Estate. Although sparse, the land also provides numerous beehives from which the owners gather a wonderful ‘artisan-made’ honey.