How to have a house in the country without surprises and spending a fortune Have you always dreamed of owning a home or apartment in a quiet village in the heart of the Tuscan countryside where you can spend peaceful weekends or vacations? Or, perhaps you haven’t realized this dream because you’re worried that your work, desires, family or personal circumstances could change? Or, in addition, the economic demands are too great or you must leave it abandoned and unused year after year? The Estate of Monte Sante Marie is able to resolve all of these problems by having developed a revolutionary solution. The solution is called ‘ADOPT A RUSTIC’ and is a solution that has been in use in the Anglo-Saxon world for many years but is absolutely new to Italy. The idea is simple. The Estate is owner of many buildings – in the internal village as well as in the surrounding countryside. There are large monumental farmhouses of 1500 sq. meters, small houses of 200 sq. meters and small 80 sq. meter rustic apartments inside of rural buildings that are architecturally noteworthy. All are in stupendous positions but all in mediocre to bad condition. The Estate doesn’t have the means to restore them but want their condition to deteriorate further or lose them through sale. Each property is available to those who want to ‘adopt’ them: restoring them – partially or totally – out of pocket in exchange for use. The time frame depends on the amount invested and could be for a period of a few years to many. All is guaranteed by a legal notarized contract for the protection of both parties. Included in the contract are clauses that indicate and state all eventualities that could bring about an annulment of said contract.
In essence, those who ‘adopt’ a property at Monte Sante Marie are asked for a deposit: in the form of the restoration (maintenance construction) that corresponds to the total sum of the contracted year usage. This is not a rental agreement but a right to use. In lieu of ownership, the ‘adoptee’ has the right to inhabit the property at no extra cost to those mentioned above for the length of time stipulated by said contract. Who gains from this contract? First, it is completely legitimate. Second, both parties are satisfied because they lose nothing. Why? Because, what we offer is not a commercial operation. No one ‘earns’ in the sense of money. To better understand, let us explain in simpler terms. Monte Sante Marie is not a real estate agency. It doesn’t ‘earn’ or maintain itself by selling properties. Because the Estate is an inheritance that has been passed down through the centuries does not want to sell-off its properties, but, unfortunately, it isn’t able to maintain and/or restore all that it possesses. So? Here is our offer… and it is directed to those who love the country: ‘adopt’ one of the Estate’s rustics. An adoption with zero gains for the owners, in which the Estate does not make one cent, but at the termination of the contract, will once again absorb this well restored and maintained property. In effects, they will have one less detail to think about and a completely reconstructed property – a preserved capital – as well as having had the gratification of pleasant neighbors. Does this seem like a meager idea? For us, it is substantial because it will help us maintain for future generations an inheritance that we haven’t wanted to sell to the ‘market of rustic properties’ that involves millions yearly whether legal or not. What are the advantages of this ‘adoption’? There are many and noteworthy:
• You acquire (for a period of 5 to 30 years, or indeed until death) the use of the property, whether farmhouse, apartment or other, which will be restored to your specifications and needs, tastes and time, without the problem of down payments or purchase expenses. You can use the property whenever you want;
• By not bring owners, you will not be obliged to pay taxes of any type, mortgage payments or other hassles that grip the owner of any type of property;
• If, at any time, your personal needs should change (needing to move due to work, health problems, children growing, etc.) worries or doubts that come about when selling a property are eliminated. All contracts have a clause which allows you to rescind the ‘adoption’ prior to the time of termination and allows you to claim at least a part of your invested sum;
• The use of the property can be transferred to family members or friends without any type of penalty. The use of the property will be solely for private use and not illicit or commercial;
• All of the construction and restoration (including all materials, contractors, etc.) will – unless ‘adoptee’ prefers to use his own – be completed by the Estate of Monte Sante Marie. They will ‘lend’ their construction workers, plumbers, building surveyors, architects, suppliers, etc., without any extra cost to the ‘adoptee’ and would guarantee a savings of at least 25% of current costs;
Here is an example of the difference between purchasing and adoption: 1. PURCHASE Cost of a property of 300 sq. meters: 500 million lire Restoration costs: 450 million lire Final costs: 950 million lire + taxes, maintenance, etc. 2. 20 YEAR ADOPTION Cost of a property of 300 sq. meters: zero Restorations costs: 340 million lire Annual ‘adoption’ investment costs: 17 million lire (or, 1.416 million lire/month) Are you interested? We’re pleased! Feel free to contact uswith no obligation. The roads we travel are many and there is space for everyone. The whole community of Monte Sante Marie is waiting to be re-established!